Hi. Hello….oh gezz


I have no idea what I am doing! >.<;

But I guess we all start out that way huh?

Well so….where to start….I’m reading this book right now called Show Your Work by Austin Kleon (If you’re an artist you should read these books, Steal Like an Artist is the first one) In the back of the book there is a prompt that says:

“Go online and post what you’re working on right now with the tag #showyourwork”

So I did, It was one of the hardest things I have ever done, baring my soul, there out in the open naked and vulnerable. And then This women (me) tried to post it on Facebook (silly me) and unfortunately and sadly….*sigh* I got no response, however I may have disturbed some people lol So one point for ME! YAY!

Myself: 1 – Facebook peeps: 0

But then I was on my Deviantart and discovered that one of the lovely ladies I watch, Kyou, started one of these blogs for her story (http://xkyoux.wordpress.com/about/) (she is amazing).  So I figured I would give it a try because hey what the hell 😀 it’ll be fun yeah?

…..I hope…..


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