I think I have figured this out??


So yesterday I spent all day clicking buttons and trying to figured out how this website works. I think I may have figured out some of it, like how to create pages which I still don’t entirely know but I think I have kind of figured it out.


So hopefully I will post something here soon for you to read that’s not just me being “Oh what do i do?” and “Oh so that what that does”

I get to meet Charles De Lint tonight at a meet the author. So that should be interesting, maybe I will post some of the knowledge I gain on here. 😀



One thought on “I think I have figured this out??

  1. I’ve been blogging for a while, and while I used to use the website to post (Blogger for me), I started using Windows Live Writer when I got Win 7. I don’t know what you are running, but you can download Windows Live Writer here:
    It is way easier to do formatting for posts in that program, at least that is what I’ve found. You’ll be able to figure it out if you tinker around with it, but basicly, you hook it up to your blog, write your post, and then post from the program. You can even use it to edit posts, and save future posts. You may want to give it a try.

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