Short story


So I’m still not entirely sure how to post stories on here just yet. So I posted my short story on my Deviantart account and have decided to put a link here since its six pages long on word….

This short story all started with a picture of a girl running away from an umbrella. My sadistic brain turned it and came up with this lovely piece. Which in the end I am quite proud of.

So for part one just click the lovely blue rose.




One thought on “Short story

  1. If you do want to post them on your blog, then I would suggest either using tags and creating a menu on your side bar to link to the different tags (each being a different story), or by creating a menu with headers for each story. For the short stories the header would just be a link to the page, and for the long stories you could do a subheading for each chapter, which would be a link. That would be really easy for folks to navigate.

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