Its been a few days


So hello again, It has been a while since I have posted (only a couple days). 

I figured i would tell you about my latest adventuring to the middle of no where (I seriously thought I was lost like six times and drove straight through two towns to get there) to meet Charles De Lint and Charles Vess. It was really fun.

He talked about his new book Seven Wild Sisters,sang some songs that he and his wife had wrote for it. Charles Vess did an art show and told us about how he got started in the illustrating business and how he did work for Marvel and DC.They talked about the collaborative process and how they worked together to create Seven wild sisters .

Afterward they did a signing and asked questions. So of course I waited until everyone had left to get my books signed.

He was a cool guy.  He told me to do independent publishing instead of publishing companies. He said they take a huge chunk of money and all they really do is market your book. He also told me to seek an artist that charges by the art work and does not take a percentage from your book. And told me when I get something done to contact him if I want someone to read it So that’s awesome.

In the long run it was awesome and I got a stack of signed goodies. Well worth the 2 hour drive.


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