It’s been a while


It’s been awhile since I posted last. So let me tell you what I have been up to. There is nothing really new since the last time I posted but I did discover this writers meme I thought was super cool and I like to share it with you. 

As I was browsing Deviant art I came a crossed this meme for writers. The meme basically states that you put your music player (in my case my ipod) on shuffle, pick two characters(yours or fanfic) and write to the music. Sounds easy enough right?

To be honest it’s kind of a pain in the ass. And here’s why. 

You have to adapt to each song, each section of you story has to end with that song(no adding to it after wards, no going back), you can’t skip a song just because it doesn’t fit, you have to keep your original story line going, and you have to do this for 10 songs. 

I was like “Ok it sounds fun” so I tried it. The first couple songs it was hard to adapt to the music, to try and fix the story, so to speak, to fit the music I was listening too. But after song 3 it became easier to adapt and I think it turned out great actually!  It went from a fight scene to being all a dream. However the second time I did this meme it was super hard. It went from “Life Starts Now” a song by Three Days Grace to a song from Breath Carolina called “Velvet” (which I have never heard before and is about a girl stripping for her boyfriend….) let’s just say that story I cheated on…

So I really encouraging you to try it especially if your like me and music is a heavy influence in your writing. It’s hard and it definitely works your brain but it’s a lot of fun. Even if you get a crazy play list of a mosh pit of genres.

Oh and by the way I have finished part 2 of my Silver Tear story. I will post in the next few days after I edit it in word.

Have a good day 😀