Ok,ok I know, I know I promised Part 2 a long time ago(shit what am I writing a Dr.Seuss book) but it turns out that Part 2 needed some mass editing and I like deleted a page and half of it because, well, it seemed to be dragging.  

So Part 2 has taken me a bit longer to finish then originally intend and I’m sorry for that…

However it should be hopefully -if Night and Kyle give me a bit of leeway and come back from whatever vacation they are on…- I should be done with it by Tuesday and posted on here by Thursday 😀 Yay!

Oh and this week should be awesome! There will be four authors I have yet to meet in my area on Thursday and Saturday.
Lets just say this writer is well…excited and hopefully these encounters will give me more inspiration for blog posts since I have been sucking at it.


N00b staus for the win!